Bread Pudding

The Timber Creek Ballroom **Temporary** Hours of Operation:
Tuesday through Friday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM.
An appointment must be made in order to view the Timber Creek Ballroom. No walk-ins.
Contact Jenny to book a tour:

Do you need a wedding venue that is not only romantic but stylish as well? Welcome to Roseville Weddings! We continue to provide numerous couples who tie the knot an experience of one of the finest wedding services found throughout California.

Whether you have a short, or long list of guests for your special event, we are able to serve sumptuous dishes and professional management services to make your wedding as hassle-free as possible.

Throughout our years of service in California weddings, our Catering Department has received a number of awards, one of which was given by the National Association of Catering Executives: "Catered Event of the Year". Our Team is composed of professionals who offer only the best culinary services in town, and is led by Ms Jenny Giallanza.

Weddings in Roseville are a fantastic affair in our Timber Creek Ballroom, a large ballroom, specially designed to host the most memorable events and occasions.